Scholer Industriel Inc. offers fast and efficient service, superior production capacity made possible by day and night shifts, fast delivery, flexibility and an excellent product quality. Here is a list of the services we offer:

Optimization of our services


We took the turn of automation through a robotization process several years ago. We have many Fanuc robots that feed and unload our machines. We use several production accessories that allow us to operate our machine park independently.


All our processes as well as all our raw materials are traceable. We can always know who performed what task and when they did. All our raw materials are inspected upon reception, identified and classified. Our ERP system ensures their traceability as well as their attribution to the various tasks to be performed.

ERP Software

Our factory works with JobBoss software. All our operations are controlled by this one which allows a great homogeneity of the data. From order receipt to delivery, including purchasing, planning, production and accounting, the software masters all aspects. We keep our software up to date with all updates made available to us by our supplier.


Because meeting delivery dates is very important, we schedule our work in our JobBoss database. We plan our tasks in real time and we constantly monitor their execution. Our dashboard allows us to quickly detect the tasks that are in difficulty to intervene and put them back on track.