Glossary Scholer Industriel inc.


Machining is a family of techniques used to manufacture machine parts. Machining involves shaping a piece of raw material into a desired shape through a material-removal process using a machine-tool. This technique can be used to create workpieces with an extremely high level of precision.

During the machining process, material is removed from the workpiece as a result of two relative motions between the workpiece and the tool: the primary motion (the cutting motion) and the secondary motion (the feed motion). 

There are two ways of obtaining the desired surface: forming or generating. In the case of forming, the shape of the cutting tool determines the finished surface. In the case of generating, the feed trajectory of the cutting tool is what determines the finished surface.  

In modern machining, the process can be fully or partially automated using numerically controlled (i.e. computer-operated) machines.