Company Scholer Industriel inc.

Scholer Industriel, Inc. began operations in January 1998 as a provider of mechanical design and business consulting services. Before long, however, it became clear that there was a demand for services in the manufacturing and machining sectors. After Christian Coupal and Marc-Étienne Scholer partnered up in June 1999, Scholer Industriel, Inc. set up shop in Sherbrooke and purchased a numerically controlled machining center. At the time, most production operations were being conducted for only one client, but soon enough, the company’s client base started growing and business took off. In February 2012, the company moved to Omerville, doubled in size and purchased additional machines.

Starting in 2003, Scholer Industriel, Inc. entered a phase of significant growth, jumping from 4 employees to 26 and from 2,000 to 15,000 square feet in size. In 2004, the company reoriented its services to focus exclusively on single-piece production and low-to-mid-volume machining while moving away from machine design. It also focused on developing a young and dynamic team with solid training and education. By harnessing the enthusiasm of youth, drawing on Christian Coupal’s experience and maintaining a selection of cutting-edge equipment, Scholer Industriel, Inc. is able to provide clients with exceptional-quality products and services.

The company currently operates four CNC machining centers, one multi-axis CNC lathe with milling function and four CNC lathes, as well as conventional milling machines and lathes, saws, welding and soldering machines, and other tools and devices. This selection of equipment allows Scholer Industriel, Inc. to offer you an extensive range of services and a great amount of flexibility when it comes to manufacturing your products.

Scholer Industriel inc.