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Scholer Industriel, Inc. provides computer numerical control (CNC) machining solutions based on your 3D models or technical specifications. Our factory, equipped with four CNC machining centers and four CNC lathes, can meet a wide variety of production needs. Our philosophy? Provide quality products custom-tailored to meet your requirements—and respect your production schedule to the letter.

In 2013, we increased our production capacity by purchasing a new CNC lathe, which will allow us to fulfill your requests more quickly. We renewed our ISO 9001:2008 certification in January after passing our triennial recertification audit.

Company mission

Our mission is to remain a local leader in computer numerical control machining.

Our strategy is to provide top-quality service with reasonable turnaround times. We focus on manufacturing low-volume, high-value parts. To retain our competitive edge, we keep a close eye on our product quality, service speed and pricing.

We strive to meet the needs of our clients, employees and shareholders equally. We encourage cooperation, initiative, open-mindedness and respect. We are committed to maintaining a pleasant work environment. We stay actively involved in our community, and we encourage our employees to do the same.